DIY Home Security System using Raspberry Pi

DIY Home Security System using Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi computer is being used in many projects around the world. Inexpensive, small and powerful, this credit card size computer enables you to implement cool products.

If you also bring your kids into this equation, the project will have a childish sparkle. Doing projects with my son is fun and allows him to learn about software, electronics, prototyping and building a product that solves a real need.

This tutorial will guide you step by step to build a Home Security System using Raspberry Pi. The security device will be connected to the main entrance with a magnetic door sensor. When the door opens, the sensor triggers an event on the Raspberry Pi. The device takes pictures and sends you an email alert.

Home Security Device - overview

Home Security Device – overview

 Before you begin, we recommend you read some tutorials from the Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Project Estimation

Time10 hours
Hardware ComplexityMedium [optional soldering]
Software ComplexityMedium [configurable software]

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