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Falcon Heavy Side Boosters landing on LZ1 and LZ2 0


For many years mankind has stared in awe at the vast expanse of the cosmos, yearning  to know what is up there. We have designed many intricate rockets such as the Saturn V, Soyuz, the...

martisoare 0

Do It Yourself – Mărțișoare

What is a Mărțișor? Only a Romanian would be able go give you an answer. Mărțișor is a small gift/talisman attached with a red and white string given to women on 1st of March....

Calendar art 0

Drawing: Limbourg Brothers Style

Again, from the book Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn F. Kohl, Kim Solga, we have a new project for you. The Limbourg Brothers are most known for their calendar-book with a list of holy days,...